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How To Adjust the water level In Your Toilet Bowl

One or all of these situations will happen to you at least once: The toilet won’t flush, it will get clogged, it will overflow, it will run constantly, or flush insufficiently. At some point an issue with the toilet will arise. We want our customers to be as prepared as possible when something does come up.

If the issue is that there isn’t enough water, we’re here to tell you how to fix it. What does it mean that there isn’t enough water? There is an issue with low water when the toilet flushed, but for some reason there isn’t sufficient water in the bowl. Maybe significant water appears to have just left the bowl or it’s a low flow toilet that just doesn’t operate to your needs.

Plumbing can be costly, but with these toilet tips, you should be able to troubleshoot bowl water levels dropping without a professional. If it turns out you need support in fixing the toilet in your home, call Reliable Contractor Services for 24/7 professional plumbing services.


Adjust the fill valve. Check that the water level in the tank is correct. When it’s a low flow toilet issue, check the manufacturer’s instructions and set the fill valve accordingly. A lot of tanks have a fill line that is marked for you. If not, it’s best practice to leave about a half inch below the tank’s overflow tube.

Readjust float ball. It is unpleasant having to touch anything in their toilet. But the tank is essentially sanitary, and of course you can wear gloves. You’ll need to look inside the tank and readjust the float ball. That’s the thing you see floating in the water when you take the lid off the back. If the ball is floating too low, then not enough water is entering the tank. If the low water can be fixed by readjusting the float ball, then you do not need to call a professional.

Clogged? The pipes could be clogged, making a full flush impossible. There could be a partial clog of toilet paper or some other item up in the ‘colon’ of the bowl. You can always empty the bowl of water and check up into the toilet’s colon with a flashlight and mirror. Or, if you think it’s a clog, a professional can easily get that sorted.

Low water pressure. It might be that it’s not low water level but low water pressure. This can be a sign of old rusted pipes or leaking pipes. These issues would affect a toilets ability to fill properly.

It could be a crack. On the more serious end, there could be a crack. If the low water level isn’t due to any of the above issues, then there could be a crack in the bowl and the toilet would need to be replaced. You can see evidence of a crack in the bowl if there is water on the floor around the bass of the toilet bowl.


There are some plumbing jobs a homeowner can do on their own. When that isn’t the case, don’t hesitate to call your local plumbers at Reliable Contractor Services If there’s a water leak, call us for immediate repair services and avoid damage to your home’s structure.

Raw sewage back up. If there is a sewage issue, you need a licensed plumber to address the issue before anything backs up into the home.

Can’t find the root of the issue. If there’s a leak or some other issue that you cannot diagnose or pinpoint on your own, work with a professional plumber. A certified plumber will perform an inspection and be able to repair the source of any leaks.

You lose water supply to your home. If you are struggling to restore water to your home, this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

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