Affordable Basement Waterproofing in Northeast Ohio

Affordable Basement Water Proofing in Northeast Ohio

At Reliable Basement and Drain, we are experts in basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and basement finishing. We know our way around a basement, and we have the experience and the tools needed to leave you with a safe and dry basement.


Why Do Basements Leak?

The leading cause of basement leaks is improper backfill. Backfill is the process of putting the soil back into the area surrounding the foundation of your home. In Northeast Ohio, we have a lot of clay in our soil, and clay does not allow water to move through the soil as freely. So, when you have improper backfill against the house, the water can't make its way through to the drainage system that takes the water away from the house.

Proper Backfill Materials

The remedy to this improper backfill is to replace the soil with materials that allow the water to move away from the foundation. Stone is the best way to help waterproof a basement, but we also protect the foundation with tar to keep water from getting inside the brick, which is very porous.

After we replace the backfill, we like to hydroseed the worksite so that your grass will grow back faster and healthier.

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If you are worried about your basement leaking, make sure you take action before it's too late! Contact us today at Reliable Basement and Drain to learn more about our affordable basement waterproofing services.

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