Are Roots Infiltrating Your Sewer Lines?

Are Roots Infiltrating Your Sewer Lines?

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In today's blog, we are discussing root infiltration in sewer lines. If you are experiencing an issue with your plumbing that seems to have no cause, it is probably due to the unseen roots breaking their way into your pipes.

Tree Root Detection vs. Prevention


The only way to know for sure if you have a root infiltration is with a camera inspection. There are plenty of reasons to suspect that there might be roots in your sewer lines, but you never truly know for sure unless you can see them with the inspection.

If you are experiencing plumbing issues and you have trees or bushes in your yard, it is possible that you have root problems. However, even if you do not have trees or bushes, you could still have ground roots that can sneak into your pipes.

Likewise, if you have been in your home for a few years and you have had roots in your lines before, chances are they can grow back into them again.


There is no way to prevent root infiltration short of replacing the pipes completely, which is the most expensive option. So, what we normally recommend is to set us a proper maintenance plan to keep the sewer lines clear and prevent the pipe from breaking.

DIY Solutions?

We do not recommend trying to remedy this situation yourself. The only at-home solution that might work is a very harsh chemical that is terrible for the environment, hard on your pipes, and might not even work.

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