Bad Plumbing & The Effects of Leaking Pipes

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24-hour plumbers are available all over Cleveland, Ohio so there’s no excuse for leaky pipes and malfunctioning water heaters. Reliable Contractor Services, the Cleveland, OH Plumbing, Drain Cleaning, Repair & Installation experts!

A burst pipe can lead to indoor flooding which means spending more in repairs and cleaners. As soon as you see a leaking pipe, or if you see that your plumbing is no longer functioning as it were a few days ago, you should immediately call a licensed plumber to check out the situation.

Most people don’t realize the possible hazards of bad plumbing. Mold is probably the number one problem caused by leaking pipes under the sink and in the walls.

With a sufficient amount of moisture, mold can grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Long term leaks, especially leaky pipes inside wall cavities, often cause mold problems, as the water remains stagnant, creating an ideal dwelling place for molds.

Build up of humidity can also cause mold problems. The humidity level in a household should be kept below 50% to reduce possible mold problems. Condensation noticed on windows is a good way to notice that the relative humidity levels are too high inside the dwelling. Since plumbing and water heaters work hand in hand, making sure that none of the two have leaks can reduce mold build-up by 30%, according to Ken Weaver, a licensed plumber and president of Reliable Contractor Services in the Cleveland, OH area.

Poor water quality is another effect of a malfunctioning plumbing system. There are separate pipes for sewage and fresh water for our home. If there is a leak from either, health hazards are bound to occur.
Reliable Contractor Services emergency plumbing services in the Cleveland, Ohio area deal with sewage related problems. Foul smelling water from your faucet is an indication of a problem.
Severe cases of contamination often require plumbers to disable your whole plumbing system to realign or replace the pipes. You can be looking at several hours to a day’s worth of plumbing jobs. Aside from seeping sewage water, leaks in your plumbing system can also cause advanced erosion to the surrounding area as well as the pipes itself. Colored water(yellow, brown, reddish) is usually caused by high levels of dissolved or suspended corrosion by-products (i.e. the rust- or lime-like corrosion that gets flushed from the pipe wall into the water coming out of your tap). Prolonged inattention to this type of plumbing problem will eventually cost more in plumbing jobs and costly plumbing services.

In addition to contaminated water, leaks can also lessen water pressure that comes out of your fixtures (faucet, toilet, etc.) However, it could also mean that there are clogs within the pipes. Bad habits of flushing down toilet paper of improper use of the garbage disposal can cause a lot of plumbing problems for you.
It is always important to remember to not try to do it yourself especially if you’re not a licensed plumber registered in Ohio. Reliable Contractor Services can provide 24hour-plumbing service for emergency situations. pipe repair and replacement generally involves digging down to a damaged pipe, cutting out a section, and replacing it with new pipe. This has been the way in which plumbers and excavators have done repairs since pipe was first used.

Now due to recent technological advances, contractors are able to replace or repair pipe without digging a trench and disturbing soil, landscaping, or driveways. This is known as “trenchless” or “no dig” pipe repair. Reliable Contractor Services are now offering this option to homeowners and businesses.

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Reliable Contractor Services in the Cleveland, Ohio area is your one stop shop. We also perform plumbing drain cleaning and repair/installation, basement waterproofing, excavation, and pipe video inspection/recording along with high pressure water jetting.
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Why is important to know your contractor?

⦁ There are weekend warriors and the other hand there are licensed, bonded, insured and accredited contractors. If you want it done twice, hire the weekend warrior!
⦁ Most all of the licensed, bonded and insured contractors are good, but some are better than others. We recommend that you the customer ask a lot of detailed questions.
⦁ When hiring a licensed contractor, they are held to higher standards (especially ones state licensed).
⦁ Lower cost contractors are usually the worst decision. Please be sure to ask why they are lower than other quotes and check their references. Check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and local authorities to see to determine the contractor’s reputation.

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