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Do you know when it is time to have your basement inspected? Most people do not, or they know, but they keep putting it off because they only experience this issue when it's raining. However, the problem doesn't disappear with the rain; in fact, putting it off can lead to the issue worsening.

How to Tell When You Need a Professional Basement Inspection?

Start with inspecting the basement yourself! Does your basement flood when there are heavy rains? That is definitely a sign that you'll need to have an inspection sooner rather than later.

Improper Backfill Indicators

Improper backfill is usually the root of all basement flooding and other issues.

Bowing or Cracked Walls

One key indicator that there is an issue with your backfill is if your basement walls are bowing and or cracking.

Calcium Buildup on Walls

Another way to identify a backfill issue is if you see any white powdery substances gathering on your basement walls. This is not mold, but rather a buildup of calcium, which is being pushed through the block in your walls by the water on the other side.

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If you notice any of these key indicators in your basement, contact us at Reliable Drain today for your basement inspection so you can avoid further damage and keep your basement safe.

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