Cleveland Basement Waterproofing

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Cleveland Basement Waterproofing

Reliable Basement and Drain has been the most trusted cleveland basement waterproofing contractor and foundation repair specialist serving Cleveland and Greater Cleveland area..

We’re the experts when it comes to wet basements, water seepage, leaking wall cracks, structural foundation problems, damp, moldy crawl spaces and municipal sewer backup. We are pleased to now offer plumbing services to serve the needs of our valued clients.

Browse through our site to find information as to why basements leak, causes of foundation settlement, why sewers back up, and much more. Reliable Basement and Drain can provide you with permanent solutions for all of these issues and we stand behind our work with integrity. Call or click today to schedule your free professional evaluation by one of our certified consultants.

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Why Basement Leaks?
Water leakage is caused by several factors. The drain tile that is installed on most new homes may become clogged with silt and settlement, causing it to fail. The parging done on the outside of the home may have deteriorated and is allowing water to enter the foundation. A professional inspector is trained to notice these signs and determine the exact reason you are seeing the water.

How serious is my water problem?
Unfortunately, the water you see in your basement is the least of the problem. This water will evaporate into the air eventually. The water that is not escaping through the foundation wall is the source of trouble. This water will cause lower wall deterioration, cracks, bulges in walls, efflorescence, and many other concerns.

How can I tell where the water is coming from?
Water can enter a foundation through several different ways. The most common are wall cracks or leakage from the cove area (where the floor and the wall meet). This, simply put, is a natural seam in which the water can most easily penetrate your foundation. Another common source is hydrostatic pressure. This will cause water to penetrate through cracks in your floor. Several other sources are common, though not as easily noticeable.