Common Drain Problems

You may be asking yourself, “Why is my drain still backed up? Why didn’t Drain-O work with to get rid of the blockage?” In the video above, Ken talks about four common problems the professionals at Reliable Basement and Drain deal with in the field.

Common Problems with Drains

Problem one is drainage issues.

These can include pipes being backed up, rotting cast iron pipes, as well as copper pipes oxidizing, and turning green. These can lead to huge problems and possibly leaks or even worse, burst pipes!

Keep an eye on what’s going on

Just like keeping kids in line or a family pet, you have to make sure that your drains are running smoothly, and keeping up with you and your lifestyle. Over time you will realize when the time is to clean your drain, instincts kick in and you can tell if something is wrong with your drainage in the house.

Chemicals in the Drain?

Drain-O is horrible for your drains. This chemical can help to rot your pipes, and can be dangerous to the professionals at Reliable Drains. These chemicals, through more biodegradable, can still have residual acids that are bad for your pipes and your home.

Are You Having Drain Issues?

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