Contractor Licensing

Contractor Licensing

No matter what job you are having done, whether it is plumbing repairs, hydro excavation, basement waterproofing, the contractor you hire should be licensed. This protects you as the consumer and ensures that you're going to have the job done by the book.

Reliable Contractor Services

At Reliable Drain, we are a one-stop-shop for many home contracting needs, and as such, we are licensed in many different services across the state of Ohio. We have separate licenses for plumbing, waterproofing, estimating, backflow prevention, fire, and more!

Local Licensing

When it comes to being licensed, you can be licensed in a local jurisdiction, or in a state. Reliable Drain is licensed in the state of Ohio and in many municipalities, so if we aren't licensed in your city or county, we can quickly become registered in that area so we can serve you.

Learn More About Contractor Licensing and Reliable Drain

You always want to make sure your contractor is licensed. To check, you can either ask the contractor for their license number or check with your local or state building department.

Contact us at Reliable Drain today with any licensing questions or questions regarding a service you might need!

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