Dealing With A Clogged Kitchen Drain During The Holidays

Thanksgiving is over and we are eagerly awaiting Christmas. But with all these festive holidays comes a lot of cooking in the kitchen, which may lead to a clogged kitchen drain. What can you do to avoid or fix this problem?

Keep Large Items Or Unnecessary Items Away From Your Drain

We see it repeatedly – clients will use their kitchen garbage disposal to get rid of anything and everything. But this is something that should be avoided if you want to keep your kitchen drain unclogged during this festive season.

So here’s a simple rule to follow: keep big items like potatoes from the drain and unnecessary items like coffee grounds, rice, and meatballs. If you have a garbage disposal, don’t use it for trash collection.

Watch Your Toilet Flushing During The Holiday Season

With the holiday season comes family gatherings. Large family gatherings usually mean your bathroom will be pretty busy as people come in and out. Sometimes you’ll run into everyday problems with your bathroom plumbing due to basic supply-and-demand.

But at times, you will run into some unique plumbing issues caused by children trying to flush down large, unwanted items. Keep vigilant with your bathroom plumbing to ensure no large items such as toys, gift paper, or anything else goes down the toilet.

Learn More About Your Kitchen Drain

Discover more about keeping your kitchen drain, and bathroom drain unclogged this holiday season. Visit our website for more details.

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