French Drain

What is a French Drain?

A French drain is a collecting unit. It is simply a pipe in the ground, surrounded by stone that takes water and channels it somewhere else. French drains can take water to places such as a creek or a pump. All yard’s grade to a certain low point that collects water. The only way to get rid of that water is to collect it and get rid of it, and that’s what a French Drain does.

Does Installing a French Drain Require Specialty Training?

For someone who installs or gives estimates for French Drains, they absolutely need to have specialty training. This training allows them to understand what the problem is and what the best and cheapest way is to solve that problem.

At Reliable Drain, we know French Drains. We know how to identify the problem, how to address it and where to take the collecting water. This is a service that we provide, and we are well prepared and experienced in making sure French Drains are installed and maintained properly.

What Causes an Existing French Drain to Fail?

Improper Installation. There are a few other things that can cause it, such as adding a pool to your yard or a driveway that can change the yard. Places where there was once not a low spot, now there is a low spot. Changing the landscape can create a standing water problem that doesn’t have the proper draining mechanics such as French Drain or other system. Whatever the case is, Reliable Drain is here to help.

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