How to Get Rid of Roots in Pipes


Should I Pour Chemical Root Killer Down My Drain?

The short answer is no. Nowadays, the chemicals on the market are not strong enough to kill the roots that can get into your drain. There are all sorts of regulations on these chemicals that make them more diluted for environmental reasons.

When you pour chemicals down a drain, they have to end up somewhere. That is usually a nearby river, stream, in the ground, and eventually in the lake. This is one of the main reasons that you never want to pour chemicals down your drain.

Another reason that you do not want to use chemical root killer in your drain is because they can damage your pipes. Chemicals are corrosive, so pouring them down the sink can end up costing you more money than you think!

How to Get Rid of Roots the Right Way

If your pipes are backed up with roots, the best solution is to have them manually removed by a professional. We can remove the roots without damaging your pipes or the environment!

Learn More About Root Removal

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