Noticing Basement Wall Moisture

Maybe you have a new home, or you recently built one, and you’re noticing discoloration along your basement walls. What could this mean for your long term?

Dealing With Moisture Right Away

Generally, it’s highly due to moisture if you see discoloring on your basement walls. Whatever coloring you’re seeing does not indicate mold but instead calls attention to condensation building up. This is a strong indication of water leaking into your basement walls, which is not suitable for any homeowner to find.

Reasons Moisture Develops In Your Basement Walls

There are a few reasons why moisture builds up along your basement walls. One of those reasons could be due to improper backfill. This is when you put dirt against the foundation of your basement walls. At Reliable Drain, we typically see this problem in homes that are twenty years old or older.

The other common denominator is poor insulation in your basement. Twenty years ago, we saw homeowners using insulation to fill out their foundations. But all these years later, we’re noticing that the insulation used back in the day is no longer viable to keep moisture out for long periods.

Get Your Basement Moisture Taken Care Of ASAP

Don’t wait for your basement walls to crack and your home’s foundation to be jeopardized – contact us today, and Reliable Drain will get the job done!

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