Oberlin Basement Waterproofing

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Oberlin Basement Waterproofing

From exterior Oberlin Basement Waterproofing to interior basement systems to waterproofing paints, Oberlin basement waterproofing options are plentiful. There are contractor installed basement waterproofing systems and do-it-yourself options. The amount of basement waterproofing options can seem endless and a little overwhelming to homeowners. Before you decide on a remedy to your wet basement, you need to find the source of your wet basement problem. This will help you narrow down the basement waterproofing options that will work for your home.

Oberlin Basement Waterproofing Options:


  • Exterior Drain Fields
  • Exterior Damp Proofing Membrane or Coating
  • Exterior Waterproofing Dimpled Membrane Mats and Tile
  • Roof Water Diversions


  • Waterproofing Paints
  • Epoxy Wall and Crack Injections
  • Old-fashioned Pipe and Gravel
  • Above Floor Baseboard Channel
  • Subfloor Basement Waterproofing System
  • Footer Basement Waterproofing System

Exterior Basment Waterproofing Options

Let’s start by explaining exterior basement waterproofing options…

Exterior Drain Fields
Exterior drain fields are simply installing drain tile outside of the basement foundation. There are some huge drawbacks with this basement waterproofing option you should be familiar with before choosing it as your solution:

  • You will lose your shrubs, landscaping and foliage around the home.
  • The soil can not be compacted tight again, as rain continues to soak in, the soil will begin to settle lower around the home, needing to be refilled to create runoff. Lack of compaction creates spungy soil around the foundation allowing water collection around the home.
  • If your basement’s finished, it won’t be disturbed, but if the system fails, you will need to resort to an inside installed a drain tile system to fix your wet basement.

Exterior Damp Proofing Membrane or Coating
Applied to the exterior of the basement foundation walls to prevent moisture from entering through the walls and into the structure. As with exterior drain fields, there are several downfalls to this basement waterproofing system.

Exterior Waterproofing Dimpled Membrane Mats and Tile
There are two different styles of dimpled membranes — air gap membranes and permeable dimple membranes. The concept behind the membranes is very simple and effective. But like with most exterior basement waterproofing options it comes with its drawbacks of loss of soil compaction and loss of landscaping around the home. A great benefit is, if your basement is finished with drywall, carpeting and you do not want to remove portions around the interior perimeter of your basement for an interior system, the exterior damp proofing does not disturb your finished basement.

Roof Water Diversions
Roof water diversions help to prevent water from entering the home by re-directing the roof water out away from the foundation. Downspout extensions are an ideal roof water diversion system, but they may not be able to handle large amounts of water. They should be used as a preventative measure. If your basement continues to leak, it needs an interior basement waterproofing system.