Preparing Your Pipes For The Winter

As December gets off to a chilly start, that can only mean one thing – winter is upon us. With the cold, frigid weather fastly approaching, how can you get your pipes prepared for the harsh winter months?

Make Sure Your Pipes Have Accessible Heat

When preparing your pipes for the winter, the first thing to keep in mind is making sure heat is reaching them regardless of location. Ensure your kitchen cabinets are getting heat inside of them during the winter months to keep those pipes nice, warm, and functional. A little air circulation goes a long way in keeping your lines working through the winter months.

One of the most significant contributing factors to frozen water lines in residential homes is people forgetting to remove their garden hoses from the outside faucet. Leaving the garden hose intact throughout the winter almost guarantees your outdoor faucet will freeze over and break. So make sure you take the time to remove those hoses before the first snowfall.

Check For Frost Free Devices

If your home is newer, it may come equipped with a frost-free device, usually a vacuum breaker. This little plastic device will be located at the top of the faucet. Once found, this almost guarantees that your outdoor faucet will not freeze over the winter.

Learn More About Prepping Your Pipes For The Winter

There are numerous ways to keep your pipes in check this winter season. Discover more by visiting our website.

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