Preventing Seepage In Your Basement

It’s winter, which means unwanted water in your basement is highly likely this time of year. Maybe you’ve got some seepage pouring in through your basement walls, and you’re wondering how to avoid seepage or any other type of water damage.

How To Avoid Seepage And More

Typically, when it comes to water damage in your basement, there is usually a more significant root cause. The first thing you want to check for is overflowing gutters, which can lend a hand in causing substantial water damage to your basement. If the channels are not correctly secured in place or cleaned out, this will lead to water problems throughout your foundation.

Lawn drainage problems usually result from poor grading or a lawn that has settled over time. Low spots, slightly raised areas, ruts, and water pooling at the house’s base are signs that grading problems are present.

The main thing to keep in mind when dealing with seepage is to check your foundation and look for any spots taking on water. You also want to check for any dipping points that could be leading water down to your basement. Keeping and removing water around your foundation will help keep your basement dry. However, other preventative measures can take place.

Discover More About Seepage In Your Basement And How To Prevent It

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