Qualities to Look for in a Waterproofing Company

How To Choose A Basement Waterproofing Contractor

When you need basement waterproofing, you'll start to see evidence of a problem. Things such as water or structural cracks will be obvious. You may experience a musty smell or see mold growing.

When you know you have a problem, your first step is finding a good basement waterproofing company. You want to find the best contractor, but how do you know what qualities to look for?

You want to find someone who will come out and give you a free estimate. You have to have the right person looking at this type of work because it is an extensive project, and it isn't just something with an easy fix. Reliable Drain will come out to inspect the property and offer that free estimate. We will be there for you from start to finish.

Staff and Equipment Capabilities

When you find the right basement waterproofing company, they will have the ability not only to deal with the water problem, but also the capability to deal with structural problems, replace a wall, add a lock-out basement, or any other thing that could need to be done. It's important to know that your contractor can do all of these things so that they get the job done right, and you don't have to fire multiple people for different jobs - which would cost you much more in the long run.

You want the staff to care about your property and your home. Reliable Drain is trained for this type of work and to care for our customers in all that we do. While we are there to do a job that will result in a little bit of a mess out in the yard, if we do need to enter your home, we take the necessary steps to ensure we aren't bringing that mess inside.

Basement Waterproofing Warranty

When looking for a basement waterproofing contractor, it's important to look into the warranty that they offer and to fully understand what that warranty means for you and your service.

At Reliable Drain, we offer a warranty for all basement waterproofing services. Our warranty covers the customer for 10 years. It is also a workmanship warranty, which means that if there was something that we did wrong, we are going to come back out and take care of that for you. While we offer this 10-year warranty, we are careful to follow every step of our process the first time around, and it is very rare that we ever come back after the project has been completed.

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