Septic Repair

Do I call a Plumber for Septic Repair?

This is one of the most common questions we hear when someone is in need of septic repair. Generally, no. Most plumbers do not have the ability to repair septic systems. This is a completely different license. Reliable Drain is both a licensed plumbing contractor and we have the license to fix septic systems as well. If you call a plumber, the first question you should always ask if they are licensed to repair and replace septic systems.

What Goes into a Septic Repair?

This depends on what you have going wrong. Sometimes it can be as simple as pumping the tank, or there being too much debris in a tank. Sometimes it can be a leech field problem or maybe there are roots in the line that cause the septic tank to need cleaned or jetted out. Other times it may be a
bigger problem, such as a full septic replacement.

Repairing is the preferred fix whenever possible because repairs are extensive and can be very expensive. The repairs of a septic system are limited, you’re only allowed to make abut 30% repairs to a septic system before it is required by the local health department to go to a full repair.

Are Septic Inspections a Routine Service?

Sometimes there may be problems going on, such as a root growing into a pipe. This could create a major problem for you so it’s important to get routine inspections and know where your distribution block is located.

Reliable Drain recommends having your septic system inspected every 5 years and having the system pumped every 3-5 years. Reliable Drain can help you determine what is best for your individual system and we are always here when you need us.

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