Should I Pour Salt Down My Drains at Night?

Can I Use Salt to Unclog My Drain?

There are a lot of DIY fixes for your home, but when it comes to your drains, we have one suggestion – don’t use chemicals. Whether those chemicals are commercially made like Drain-O, or if they are natural like lemon, vinegar, or salt, keep them out of your drain!

Why Can’t I Use Salt to Unclog My Drain?

Salt, like the other DIY remedies for a slow draining pipe, is corrosive. Think about how the salt on your car eats away at the metal and causes rust. The same thing can happen in your drains if you try and unclog your pipes with salt.

A lot of the drainage systems use galvanized pipes. Where the pipes are threaded, there is no protective galvanized coating. You have exposed steel, and you’re putting salt on it, you’ll run into some issues.

How to Unclog Drains?

If you are experiencing slow draining pipes or clogged drains, we recommend a drain cleaning service. We offer traditional drain cleaning services and drain jetting!

Learn how to prevent your drain from clogging here!

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