Should You Be Worried About Your Sump Pump Freezing During Winter?

At Reliable Drain, we have assisted numerous customers over time who have dealt with problems with their sump pumps. As winter arrives, a question comes to mind – should you be worried about your sump pumps freezing up during the winter months?

The Short Answer

Typically, those clients who utilize their sump pumps throughout the entire year usually do not need to worry about their equipment freezing over and causing problems later on. But that does not mean that your sump pumps can not freeze during the winter.

Inside Sump Pumps

For those who have their sump pumps inside their home, you do not need to worry about your equipment freezing up during the winter months. Unless your heat is wholly cut off, you typically have no reason to assume your sump pump will have issues like freezing up during winter.

But if your discharge line goes into a line outside that is backed up, gets air locked, or does not have the proper discharge line on it, it could freeze. This could prevent the pump from working and then cause a flood inside your home.

Outdoor Sump Pumps

For outdoor sump pumps, making sure your lid is fastened and tight is crucial to the overall protection of your outdoor equipment. If your crop has no cover, then chances are you will experience freezing during the winter months. With the discharge line being close to ground level, air can circulate down in there, causing the pipe to freeze over.

Discover More About Protecting Your Sump Pumps During The Winter

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