Storm Drains vs. Sanitary Sewers

What are Storm Sewers?

Storm sewers carry away rain and melted snow. This water is not treated and flows right into the nearest body of water.

What are Sanitary Sewers?

Sanitary sewers are hooked up to your wastewater plumbing, such as the toilet. This water is directed to a treatment facility before it can be released into a body of water.

Why are Storm and Sanitary Sewers Different?

Decades ago, storm sewers and sanitary sewers were connected through the same system. It wasn’t until the 1970s when the EPA started mandating they be separate as to not contaminate lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Storm Sewer and Sanitary Sewer Cleaning

Reliable Drain offers storm and sanitary sewer cleaning and repairs for homeowners and businesses in the Cleveland, Ohio area!

Learn More About You Sewers

If you are interested in learning more about storm and sanitary sewers or about your plumbing in general, continue exploring our website. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule your service!

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