The Best Way to Unclog Drains

What is a Water Jetter?

A water jetter is a drain cleaning device that can be described as a glorified pressure washer.

Benefits of Water Jetting

The water jetter uses water (who would have guessed!?) and not acid to clean your pipes. This helps keep your plumbing safe from harmful products that could erode your drains while trying to clean them.

This machine does not harm pipes but can cut through infiltrating roots.

The jetter also does a really great job of removing grease build-up. In fact, the water jetter was first developed for commercial kitchens to remove grease.

Although the cost of the machine is high, causing the service to be more costly, the clean that you get from the water jetter versus traditional cable cleaning is by far worth the price.

Are Your Drains Clogged?

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