Top Reasons for a Flooded Basement

Top Reasons for a Flooded Basement

Your basement is at the foundation of your home, so you want to keep it protected. Preventing water from getting into your basement is the number one way to accomplish this. Waterproofing that foundation is the way to go, but first, it helps to know why basements flood in the first place.

Why Do Basements Flood?

Improper Grading

If water collects around the outside of your home due to improper grading, you are much more likely to experience flooding during a big storm.

Improper Backfill

If you have had work done on the outside over your home where the contractor had to remove the soil near your home, they then have to backfill that area. If this is done wrong, it can lead to a lot of issues, including bowing basement walls and flooding.

Underground Surface Water

If you have broken pipes underground, water can collect and cause your basement to flood.

Sewer Backups

If a sanitary sewer or storm sewer is backed up, it will almost always cause water to get into your basement.

Prevent Basement Flooding

Make sure your:

  • Underground piping is intact.
  • Downspout lines are working properly.
  • Sump pump is cleaned often and replaced every 5 or so years.

Waterproofing Services with Reliable Drain

If you are interested in learning more about our basement waterproofing services and flood prevention services, contact us today!

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