Top Three Fall Plumbing Tips

Fall is here, and although old man winter is creeping up on us fast, we have some fantastic plumbing tips for you this Autumn season.

Tip Number One: Proper Water Heater Maintenance

There are many tips for preventing the need for a plumber this season, and our number one tip is to make sure you are out there checking your water heaters. Try to check the water heaters once or twice a year. Ensure nothing is stored around the flame sense or near the gas valve. You do not want to keep any chemicals or anything else around there to maintain proper airflow. If you see any joint leaking, don’t try and fix it yourself – call a professional.

Tip Number Two: Proper Drain Maintenance

With fast winter approaching, make sure you pay attention to what is going down your drains during these crucial months. If you have a septic system, make sure you’re paying attention to what type of papers you’re putting down there. Items like moist body towelettes, feminine products, or other stuff should be monitored. Nothing that should not be flushed should be going down into the drains.

Garbage disposals are not garbage cans – throw any waste into the proper receptacle to maintain good drain maintenance through these harsh fall/winter months.

Tip Number Three: Checking Your Sump Pumps

At times, no one wants to open up their pump and check down in there for anything out of place. But following these types of maintenance checks will ensure you are not contacting a plumber during the fall months. It is as simple as opening up the lid and checking for anything inside of the water, floating around the water, or at the bottom of the pump. Looking at your pump in this fashion can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Learn More About Fall Tips For Plumbing

To discover more information about keeping with your plumbing during the autumn months, check out our website for more details.

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