Top Three Things That Clog Drains

Top Three Things That Clog Drains

Many home and business owners want to know what they can do (or stop doing) to protect their plumbing from failures. Whether the issue is inside sewer pipes or inside drains, there are ways to prevent broken or backed up pipes!

What Causes Drain Failure?

There are many things that can cause a drain to back up or a pipe to break, but the most common are listed below, for both inside and outside plumbing.

Clogged Main Sewer Drain (Outside)

  • Root Infiltration

    • This is when roots make their way into your pipes and end up causing a backup or busted pipe.

  • Crack or Break in Pipe

    • A fractured pipe can be a result of improper installation or root infiltration.

  • Putting Things Down the Drain That Don't Belong

    • Sanitary Products
    • Paper towels
    • And More

Inside Drains

All of the reasons listed above can also be said for indoor plumbing issues. However, when it comes to inside drain breaks or backups, the issue is almost always made by the people in the building. This can be from things like:

  • Hair build-up in the drains.
  • Products like shampoo and body wash build-up.
  • Food. Even with a garbage disposal, food can build up in your sink drain and cause issues.

Learn More About Preventing Drain Failure

If you want to learn more about how to protect your plumbing or to schedule a service to repair or maintain your pipes, contact us at Reliable Drain today!

Learn More About Drain Maintenance and Repair

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