Water Powered Backups

So you have a sump pump system in place and now you’re researching on getting a backup system for it. Which route should you take? Maybe you considered a water-powered backup system. So now the question is: is it worth my time and money?

The Problem With Water-Driven Pumps

We here at Reliable Drain really do not like water-driven pumps or water motors as they’re known.

There are several reasons for that. For starters, they don’t have the pumping capacity of a high or a good value backup pump like a battery backup pump. A lot of people get nervous about batteries because they can run out of power versus the water motor bcause you  always have water, right?

If you want to buy a water motor, you should study it carefully. How much water can it move? Will it perform if you have a problem? The short answer is probably not.

More Water-Driven Pump Problems

There is also another problem with water motors that most people don’t know about, and even a lot of plumbers are unaware of, and that is when you install a water-driven pump in a residential home or a business, you have to provide a backwater device.

You have to have a backflow device or a back-to-back flow prevention device. There are many municipalities that will not supply you with water if you don’t protect it from cross-contamination, and water motors can contribute to cross-contamination.

Figuring Out What Backup System To Go With

We know that choosing the right system is a headache for most people when it comes to ensuring that your sump pump is safe. Reliable Drain is here to assist you with this choice. Fill out the form below or give us a call and one of our Reliable professionals will help get you squared away.

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