Westlake Basement Waterproofing

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We, the general public, have been bombarded with misinformation by the so called westlake basement waterproofing experts. Some professional waterproofing “experts” claim in their sales literature that it is critical to eliminate ground water forces from the exterior of the home by allowing water to freely flow into your basement. They claim that by allowing water to freely enter your basement you can prevent potentially buckling walls, water damage to concrete, as well as freeze/ thaw heaving of surrounding soil.

Buckling block walls can not be prevented by “diverting water”. This problem is caused by poor original construction and improper design, not ground water or freezing. Profit for providing high cost “professional services” such as digging, foundation spraying, epoxy injection, saw cutting and jack hammering is and/or has been the guiding factor for the experts to continue to endorse exterior basement waterproofing or exterior foundation wall coatings and “redirection” of incoming water as viable methods of dealing with leaking basements.

Let’s face facts, it is impossible to control humidity, mold and fungus when you allow water in a basement. No matter how much water is allowed to enter a basement through out-of-date systems such as “French Drains”, or other water divergent systems, this will in no way affect the surrounding ground moisture content, nor will it reduce or eliminate ground water content or freeze-thaw cycles. Exterior basement waterproofing does NOT resolve your wet basement problems.

The fact is…The greatest possible ground water pressure on your basement walls center, is less than 1 lb per sq. in! This is hardly enough pressure to cause “potentially buckling walls” as some professional waterproofing experts will have you believe. The weight of the earthen back-fill alone exerts greater pressure on a block wall than ground water itself. Although the ground water pressure is slight, this small amount of constant hydrostatic pressure is more than enough to eventually push other types of paints and coatings from the interior of basement walls, but not Reliable Basement and Drain.

The best basement waterproofing solution is to eliminate all traces of water and moisture from entering the basement so as to provide a dry living space free from dampness and humidity. Allowing flowing water to enter the basement causes excess humidity, fungus, mold, musty smell, cracking and settling in the foundation walls!

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