What are Storm Drains?

Storm Drain Overview

Storm drains, stormwater drains, storm sewer, or surface water drains are all the same thing, and their purpose is to move water away from areas where it would otherwise collect. For example, if your driveway floods a lot, you would have a storm sewer installed to prevent any future floods and damage to your home.

How Do Storm Drains Work?

A storm drain will catch the water from heavy rainfalls and move it to a nearby body of water – in Northeast Ohio, that water will eventually end up in Lake Erie.

Do I Have to Maintain My Storm Drain?

Yes. Any storm drains on your property are your responsibility. The city will only manage the storm drains on the roads and curbs. Other than that, if you need a storm drain installed or need your existing storm drain services, you have to do it.

Learn More About Storm Drains

If you are interested in learning more about storm drains, storm drain installation, or storm drain maintenance, contact us today!

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