What is an Outside Cleanout and Why are They Important?

What is an Outside Cleanout?

An outside cleanout is an important connection from the drains inside your home that lead to the sewers outside.

Why is it Important to Have an Outside Cleanout Drain?

The pipes in your home usually have an opening of about three inches in diameter, which then lead into the outside drains, which are about 6 inches wide. Having an outside cleanout allows the person working on your pipes to do a better job.

A proper outside cleanout not only gives us the ability to use the right equipment, but it also gives us the ability to clean the drain without coming into your house. That is a huge benefit considering you won't have to worry about any messy equipment inside your house!

What Does the Installation Processes Look Like?

In order to install an outside cleanout, we need to dig to the sewers, which can be anywhere from 3 to 10 feet deep. We cut into the sewer and install a riser that comes up to the ground level. We then fill the hole.

There are different levels to this service where if you are worried about what your lawn will look like after the install, we can make it look like we were never there with a premium backfill. Ask us about the different options!

Learn More About Outside Cleanouts

If you are interested in learning more about outside cleanouts, or any of our other services at Reliable Basement and Drain, contact us today!

Learn More About Outside Cleanouts

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