What to Pay Attention to in Your Plumbing

What to Pay Attention to in Your Plumbing

Replacing your plumbing is not something the average homeowner thinks about often – out of sight, out of mind. When there aren’t any issues, all is good, right? This might be the case, although there could be some underlying issues that can lead to a bigger issue in the future.

Mismatch Materials in Your Plumbing

One of the biggest problems that we see in the plumbing industry is dissimilar metals. This is when you connect different types of metals, and the issue with that is that it creates electrolysis.

Electrolysis is not necessarily dangerous. However, that light charge of electricity running through your pipes can eat away at your plumbing over the years. So, if you have an older home that does have dissimilar metals, chances are you might run into some issue soon if you haven’t already.

Corrosion and Cracks in Your Plumbing

Pay attention; if you see something leak and if you see something corroding, call somebody and get an opinion before you end up with a major catastrophe.

Learn More About Your Plumbing

Take a look at your, and if there’s anything there that you think looks a little suspicious, give us a call!

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